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Friday, August 26, 2005

Hold everything, people. Vince Vaughn has been dumped by his PR firm.

I CAN DO PR! It's what I do!


  • At 8/26/2005 1:22 PM, Blogger Megan said…

    Woah, I couldn't read the article (lame work internet restrictions), but what the hell did he do to get dumped by his PR firm? Don't they usually strive to keep clients like that? Dang.

    I got some PR I'd like to give Mr. Vaughn... ;)

  • At 8/26/2005 2:10 PM, Blogger jersey girl said…

    If people want to see a spectacular girl fight, they should watch us wrestle over a spot in line to give Mr. Vaughn PR.

    Anyway, according to the story...

    Hollywood star VINCE VAUGHN has been ditched by public relations firm I/D PR - despite the massive success of his hit comedy WEDDING CRASHERS.

    The blockbuster became the highest-grossing R-rated comedy in American movie history with takings of $178 million (GBP98.9 million) at the box office, but suggests Vaughn's "aggressive behaviour" precipitated I/D PR's decision to sever ties with him.

    However, an I/D PR partner is quick to quash such rumours: "There is no truth to negative portrayals of Vince. We continue to have an amicable relationship and wish him continued success."

  • At 8/26/2005 4:57 PM, Blogger Megan said…

    *snicker* Give Mr. Vaughn PR...

  • At 8/26/2005 6:47 PM, Blogger Maggie said…

    He probably tried to do the Roger Rabbit in public, a la Be Cool. Heh.


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