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Monday, September 26, 2005

All right, let's get these random matters out of the way so I can sleep.

#1 ... dinner

We went to this place for dinner tonight and enjoyed some fabulous seafood. I'm not much on oysters, but I did have crab and corn chowder, followed by crab cakes. All delicious. My culinary binges on the company dime are coming to an end for the year in a few weeks, so we've got to get the good, pricey eats in while we can.

#2 ... Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss

Just when I thought I’d go a whole day without a good, belly-shaking laugh, I read that Naomi Campbell has come to the defense of coke fiend Kate Moss. My favorite line is "Kate Moss is my friend ... I think it's like everybody is being bad to her."

This is priceless. To have one of the most famous cocaine-fueled bitches of the modeling world stand up for you, well, that's got to be like having O.J. Simpson offer to be a character witness.

#3 ... Wolf Blitzer's sex life

So I've been watching a lot of CNN lately, mesmerized by the hurricane coverage since the nightmare of Katrina started. I'm not a huge fan of Wolf Blitzer, but watching even a little of him has provided me the following query...

When he's in the throes of passion, does his wife/girlfriend/whatever he's into call him Wolf? "Oh yes, Wolf, right there." "Oh Wolf, you're an animal." Wouldn't that just be weird? A friend of mine used to date someone whose nickname was Dog, and I wondered about it in that situation as well. What's the proper protocol there?

Ok, and while typing this, I've stumbled across something that has the potential to turn into a real rant, were I not so tired. During the Monday Night game, Al Michaels and John Madden are interviewing Geena Davis. This is fucking deplorable. It's bad enough that Fox has to pan to stars of Fox series sitting in the stands during the World Series. I remember that starting back in the Party of Five days. Then, it was the sportscasters having to announce upcoming network programming. "Don't forget, just after the game, the season premiere of "Crossing Jordan." And now we've got to actually have said stars on the air, shilling about their shows. What does Geena Davis know about the NFL? What's next, eliminating the middle men of the sportscasters and just having television actors actually broadcast the games? Well, the Evil Empire already has Nick Lachey on air during College Game Day, so I guess the apocalypse has already begun.

That said, to completely shift gears, I met Al Michaels about a year and a half ago in California, and it took every ounce of self-control I had to not toss the word 'farcical' into our conversation.


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