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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Just to show you how irritated I was after the Jets’ piss-poor effort, I had forgotten that they lost on a touchdown, not a field goal, in overtime. Even worse, they lost on a touchdown on a reversed call in overtime. The Jags were lined up for a field goal at the Jets' 1-yard line when the refs decided to take another look at the previous play, a pass and run that came rather close to the goal line. Upon further review? Touchdown. Game over. Abysmal.

I remembered this about halfway through tonight’s flight, which was mightily delayed. It also featured a sighting of someone many people wouldn’t have recognized, but who I knew immediately. When I sat down in the gate area, I realized the man sitting next to me was former New Jersey Net Jayson Williams. I saw his last NBA game, the night he collided with teammate Stephon Marbury and collapsed in a 6'10" heap on the floor. Unfortunately, he went on to become more well known for pumping a shotgun blast into a limo driver after a night of carousing in central Jersey, resulting in a trial and a media circus in town.


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