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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Now, I would never celebrate someone losing their job, because that's just insensitive. However. If ESPN (aka the Evil Empire) is going to clean house where its 'talent' is concerned, they couldn't have picked a better way to start than with Trev Alberts. Is it too much to hope that Stewey could be next, thus allowing me to start watching the Worldwide Leader again?

I used to love SportsCenter, so much so that I would watch the same episode three or four times in a row. Patrick and Olberman's timing was unbeatable and it made for can't-miss TV. And it really was about the sports - highlights, with some easy-flowing shtick. Now, the entire network turns my stomach. It's an entertainment network where sports are secondary. The shtick is forced and the entire operation has been dumbed down. Why can't I just watch highlights without being told that it's a Top 10 nominee? I'm fairly intelligent; I can figure that out for myself.

For shits and giggles, I looked up 'SportsCenter' on Jump the Shark and found a veritable plethora of options as to when the show jumped. Among my favorites:
-Stuart Scott has to constantly prove he's "da bomb" (I dare say truer words have ne'er been spoken);
-Linda Cohn (she used to be tolerable, and now they've got her tarted up, which seems to have reduced her ability to use the English language effectively);
-Exit...Stage Left, Craig Kilborn, who I didn't fully appreciated while he was there, to my regret. Cinderella was right - You Don't Know What You Got (Til It's Gone).

It is worth noting that 29 people believe the show has never jumped. I have no plausible explanation for why they could think that.


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