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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Two Happy Faces

The headline on the story I just read about today's game is 'Aging QB Saves Desperate Jets.' Blunt, but accurate. I truly enjoyed watching Vinny helm the Jets. He definitely provides a spark. It's amazing how much better Curtis Martin played with a good leader in the pocket.

Meanwhile, the comeback started in Green Bay today in a 52-3 Packers win. 52-3?? Couldn't they have used some of those points in their first four games?

As an added bonus, the Browns won today, granting me a rare 3-0 NFL weekend. I wouldn't be surprised if this were the only time this happened this season. My squads aren't exactly on the fast track to the playoffs.

My schedule only allowed me to watch one college football game yesterday, and thanks to the big outing with the girls in the city, it was not the Ohio State tilt. That worked out well, as it saved me from sitting through the loss to Penn State. Instead, I caught the last quarter of the Michigan-Minnesota game. Michigan had not lost to Minnesota since 1986. Until yesterday. And it happened in agonizing fashion - on a 61-yard run, followed by a Gophers' field goal with a second left.

Call me heartless, but I enjoyed it.


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