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Friday, November 04, 2005

It breaks my heart to report that I’m home. Not because I’ve got anything against my beloved home state, but because it means I had to leave my newly adopted state. Hawaii is magical. I’ve had the opportunity to visit many places, and this one is just special. It was completely worth the lengthy flights there and back, as well as the smashed face. I will be going back. In fact, when the time comes to look for a new job, I may strive to find one that requires me to travel to Hawaii at least twice a year. Maybe I could do media relations for the Pro Bowl. Or the Sony Open.

There is a lot of catching up to do (are the Packers really 1-6; I’d have bet my last dollar that the Browns would give the Texans their first win; and the all-Bruce, all-the-time station debuted on Sirius while I was gone) and I’ll get to all that soon, along with a wrap-up of the trip.

For now, I’ve got a dinner date with the crazy nephews, who have promised me a feast of shrimp and pasta. Which is nice since the only things in my fridge are a can of walnuts, a few black olives, some PBR and Yueng Ling, and several bottles of condiments. Not that I couldn’t make a meal out of those items, but since an alternative has been offered, I’m certainly going to accept…


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