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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Adhering yet again to my mother’s premise that 'if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,' I offer the following statements regarding Week 16 of the NFL season and the efforts of the three teams I support:

-Charlie Frye, the Browns' QB, was sacked eight times, but only suffered a mild concussion

-The Packers had a chance to win their game.

-The Packers and Jets both technically remain alive in the Reggie Bush Sweepstakes.

-Last night’s tailgate was an excellent, excellent time. Four hours of meat on the grill and enough beer, wine, blackberry brandy and egg nog to render most folks unconscious.

-I feel like we were there for a small part of sports history, the final Monday Night Football game. Yes, I know there will be games on Mondays in seasons to come, but they will be on the Evil Empire, so that just won’t be the same.

-I learned it's fairly easy to procure a replacement ticket at Will Call should you leave yours at home in a holiday-related frenzy.

-Vinny became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw a TD pass in 19 consecutive seasons when he connected with Coles in the fourth quarter.

Unfortunately, I was almost home by then. The game was bad. BAD. The final score was 31-21, and it was nowhere near that close. The Jets didn't get a first down until the third quarter. The Patriots’ first two touchdowns were caught by a linebacker (a linebacker from OSU, but still, a linebacker). By the end of the third quarter, we’d had enough. It was windy and cold and the game was awful, and we left.

The Jets' beat writer at the Daily News offered this fantastic summary:

Delivering the worst prime-time show since "My Mother The Car," the Jets added another miserable chapter to their crazy, rotten season, falling to the Patriots, 31-21, last night. A television era ended, as "Monday Night Football" concluded its run on ABC after 36 years and 555 telecasts. It should've been stopped after 554.

The suckitude was actually spread out over three days, as the Browns put their best foot forward with a 41-0 loss to the Steelers at home on Saturday, and the Packers followed that up with a 24-17 loss to the Bears Sunday night. Forget the Twelve Days of Christmas. This was the Three Days of Stench.

I thought this line from the round-up of the Packers' loss was curious:

The Packers (3-12) are well on their way toward their first losing season in the Brett Favre era. With one game remaining, the futures of Favre and coach Mike Sherman remain in doubt.

Well on their way? I'm no mathematician, but I think they're a bit past 'well on their way.' Unless there's a way to get nine wins in the last weekend of the season...


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