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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The fact that a Sunday Night Conversation with Brett Favre is the lead story on tonight's SportsCenter is probably not a good sign. Favre is questioning his desire to play again, and whether he still wants to be the guy with the ball with two minutes left and the game on the line. They must have drugged him. This is not the Brett Favre I know and love.

I'm paraphrasing here, but this is the gist of what Favre just said:

"If someone said to me today, make a damn decision, I'd say I'm probably not coming back."

And now I have to listen to that Sack of Shit Stuart Scott and Jackass Emeritus Sean Salisbury offer their thoughts on the situation. Somebody save me. Where the hell is the remote?

But dear lord. What on earth is Michael Irvin wearing? It seems to be a red and black checked suit, with a red tie. I will have to find a picture of this.

An update: the full story from the Evil Empire.


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