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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Last year, my New Year's Eve resolution was to drink more Coke. I believe it was the same for 2004. So as you might be able to tell, I'm not much for making grand statements to start a new year. But here's my plan for 2006: I am going to listen to music more loudly whenever possible.

When BAM moved out last year, I started watching less television and listening to more music. But I don't typically listen to it at an excessively high volume, lest I piss off the neighbors.

Screw them.

This was brought on by a magical night last week which reminded me that great music is meant to be played loudly. We started the evening in the Record Room at Wood's house. This room defies description, so I won't try other than to say the room features, among other things, a dentist chair, a deer head and a huge collection of albums - in the thousands. Very heavy on the blues, but includes all types of music. We listened to a fantastic medley while playing a game that included the aforementioned dentist chair and deer head, along with a collection of headwear. Then it was on to someone else's house, where about 10 people gathered to watch the concert DVD that is part of the set commemorating the 30th anniversary of Born to Run.

It's not often that I issue a decree, but I am going to do so now. If you are even remotely a Bruce fan, you must see this concert. You must. I made the Good Doctor a mix CD of Bruce tunes for Christmas, and what I really could have done is just burned this entire concert. It's from the Hammersmith Odeon in London, circa 1975. Born to Run had been released a few months earlier and Bruce had just appeared on the covers of Time and Newsweek simultaneously.

The show is, in a word, unbelievable. It's hard to describe without feeling like I'm using words just for the sake of using words. You'll have to trust me. For years, people have told me that you haven't really seen Bruce unless you saw him in the 1970s. I still don't completely agree with that, but now at least I see their point.

For me, the highlight was the lengthy version of "Kitty's Back," which just blew me away. But every song was like that. Very few words were spoken during the concert viewing, which is unusual for this group. Thanks to a big screen TV, a dark basement and the cranked-up volume, it almost had a concert feel to it.

It's also worth watching to see Little Steven in a mack daddy, big pimpin' orange suit. Good times.

As a final note related to the new year, I've received several queries regarding whether I watched the Evil Empire's NYE special featuring everyone's favorite asshat, Stuart Scott.

No. No I did not. (Even though somehow, Little Steven wound up involved in this disaster.) Fortunately, I was engaged in a raucous, lengthy game of Trivial Pursuit that eliminated the need for any television watching. This apparently saved me from suffering through this wordy welcome to the new year from Stu (second story down).

"When you go to the sporting events and you're watching the athletes compete as hard as they can, stop booing, OK? There's no point in booing these athletes. They've all worked hard. They've all trained hard, and let's see you get out there and do it, all right?

"If you want to go and have fun and cheer your team, do that, but if your team, if your guy, if your girl doesn't do anything, c'mon, man, don't boo them."

These were the most thoughtful, inspirational words you could come up with to start the new year?



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