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Friday, April 28, 2006

I know it's been a few days since Brett Lorenzo Favre confirmed he would return for the 2006 season, with no mention of it here. That's a bad job by me, but the past few days have been a blur of trying to finish a huge project at work, a date with Mr. Springsteen and friends in Asbury Park, a round of golf and a trip to AC (where, for perhaps the first time ever, I actually managed to take home some of Mr. Trump's money).

Anyway, yes, the nonstop coverage of "will he or won't he be back" has been a bit annoying, and he could have made the decision earlier. Who knows whether the Packers will be any better this season. One would hope that they couldn't be any worse, but you never know. Favre may well throw 50 interceptions. Despite all that, I'm fired up that he's coming back. Even when he's sucking it up, which certainly happened more than once last year, he's still entertaining to watch and I'd rather watch him play poorly than the majority of the rest of the league play well.

This also means that at some point during the 2006 season I will travel to Chicago to pick up my girlfriend so we can head north for a visit to Lambeau. Beer, brats, Brett and a babe from Sheboygan - I'm already dizzy at the thought of what an adventure that will be.

And speaking of football, the draft starts tomorrow and I can't wait to see how the Jets will screw up the fourth pick. Their draft history isn't exactly stellar. Better than the Browns, of course, but still not good.


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