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Monday, April 17, 2006

To celebrate New Jersey's new smoke-free policy, we hit our favorite bar Saturday night, which was until then the smokiest establishment we know. The difference in just one day was amazing. But now that the smell of smoke is gone, we noticed that it absolutely reeks of stale beer.

A great line from my cousin's roommate: "Hey, now that I won't smell like smoke, I can wear these clothes again without having to wash them."

There should be a state law that if your band is playing in a Jersey shore bar, you shouldn't be allowed to cover Springsteen tunes unless you have the talent to do so. Saturday night's band butchered "Rosalita" so badly I considered going onstage and asking them to stop immediately and never sing it again. I'm sure the bar's patrons would have applauded such a move. The televisions in the bar were airing plastic surgery, pro wrestling and soccer, and people were far more interested in that trifecta of dubious entertainment than in the band.

Finally, I think the Tom Cruise is Crazy world tour has reached epic proportions. At one point this weekend, there were three different stories about Tom/Katie/their soon-to-arrive offspring on the Yahoo entertainment page. I now know that the baby will not be baptized in the Catholic church, that Katie is a Scientologist and that she can make noise during childbirth, although no one else will be allowed to. I also know that Tom has been running seminars to educate his family about the new baby.

I know all about the attention-whore behavior of celebrities and usually have no problem with it (see: my TiVo season pass for "Being Bobby Brown"). But this just seems completely over the top. I fully expect to see the following headline in the next few weeks: "Tom Cruise not sure what to do with placenta."


  • At 4/17/2006 6:47 PM, Blogger Joependleton said…

    Jerseygirl: Leggets is one of my all time favorite spots, too, although I haven't been in there in years. The Cajun place next to it, is very underrated, too.

    My question is, where in the world do they fit a band in that place (By the front window)? Back in the day, it would take you about 30 minutes just to get through the crowd to the bathroom because it was so tight in there.

    As for the band covering Bruce, since my awful Jersey Girl karaoke rendition in Pt. Pleasant two years ago I can't rip anyone for doing that. Of course, covering Rosalita is pretty ballsy.

    As for Tom Cruise, I can't wait to see the look on his grill when he dies, and God shows up and tells him L. Ron Hubbard is a friggin fraud and that Oprah's waiting for him in hell.

  • At 4/18/2006 12:50 PM, Blogger jersey girl said…

    Bands get jammed into a 4' x 10' rectangle in the back right corner of the bar, over by the dart board.

    It's one thing to share a little Bruce via karaoke, when expectations are low. When a bar band gets up there, I expect more. I do not want to hear the Sopranos theme interspersed into my "Rosalita."

    L. Ron Hubbard is a science fiction writer, who made up a religion! It's insanity.

  • At 4/18/2006 7:17 PM, Blogger said…

    Looks like you can add another Tom Cruise story...

    Baby Cruise is Born

  • At 4/18/2006 10:13 PM, Blogger jersey girl said…

    Or this one...,,2-2006170680,00.html


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