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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I've recently added three new blogs to the list of Geniuses. The first two, And What Can I Tell You and My Two Cents, are the work of Todd and The Sandman, two of the funniest guys I know. They're also roommates. Who says Mets and Yankees fans can't live together peacefully...

They are two of the group I often refer to as the Paper Boys, which includes the likes of Joe Pendleton, The Professor, Local Shill and Mosher. That I know these guys is a fine example of how a seemingly minor thing can change your life considerably.

Twelve years ago (holy CRAP), my parents drove across the country for six weeks. Just a year out of college at the time, I spent the summer living it up. I could have changed my mailing address to the local dive bar. That was the summer I met Tryg and there were many nights when I'd be out carousing until 5 a.m., sleep for an hour, and then head into work. If I tried to pull that off even once now, let alone on consecutive evenings as was often the case in the summer of '94, it would kill me.

But by the end of that lost summer, I decided I needed to get my shit together. I was working at an administrative job, using roughly zero percent of my college education. So I scanned the local newspaper and found a listing for a part-time sports clerk at the rag. I sent my resume, interviewed and was hired.

Working at the newspaper was a three-ring circus. But it was a great place to be, mainly thanks to the incredible cast of clowns, yahoos and shills that worked in the sports department. Clowns who now, thanks to a part-time job I left in 1998, are some of my closest friends and favorite people.

The third new genius, the West Virginia Surf Report, makes me laugh more often than anything else I regularly read. I have never met Jeff Kay and most likely never will. I don't quite recall how I came across his site. I just know that very early on, I read this, which he didn't write but which he did share for the betterment of internet users everywhere. It's hard to express just how hard I laughed that day. Crying with laughter. And although Jeff hadn't written it, he was the genius who brought it into my life, so I checked out the rest of his site. He's got a terrific way with words, and we share some common interests like Yueng Ling and the limitless idiocy of humanity.

Jeff usually starts his daily post with a special link - a ridiculous photo or news stories that is sure to amuse or horrify. Yesterday, he managed to do both with this absolute gem. (Mom, I'd prefer if you didn't click on that. Everyone else, feel free.) That's what finally prompted me to write him to ask if I could link to his site. He is damn funny and I'm particularly pleased to add him to the Wine By The Color family.

And finally, for those who were wondering, Christina did not choose to go out with Seth. She chose Damian, and things did not go well.

In fact, his politeness and manners were the most notable part of his personality. Either he was on some strong meds, or I bored the bejesus out of him.

She should have gone out with Seth. It would have made for a much more entertaining tale.


  • At 5/17/2006 11:42 PM, Blogger SJPSandman said…

    Some excerpts from the house rules Todd (landlord) and I (tenant) agreed upon before I moved in:

    57. The posting or displaying of any material promoting, advertising, celebrating or acknowledging the existence of the New York Yankees in any fashion is strictly prohibited in any public area of the domicile.

    59. September 4 or each year must be and should be considered the highest of holidays. Landlord agrees to yield to any celebratory practices tenant may hold in celebration of this, Mike Piazza’s birthday.

    63. Landlord may not sodomize men of any age while tenant is present in living quarters.

  • At 5/20/2006 10:00 PM, Blogger jersey girl said…

    Things must be interesting at your hut this evening...

    And I just don't know what to say about #63. Really.


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