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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Much to my surprise, my bag has been returned to me. Humanity 1, Jersey Girl 0.

As I walked out the door of my parents' house this morning (around 7:50 a.m.), my cell phone rang. As requested, (no less than three times to various representatives of the airline), I was being called before my bag was delivered. Unfortunately, the Continental representative was calling from my parking lot. From which I was approximately 72 miles away.

I TOLD them to call me before they delivered my bag, as I knew I'd be at my parents' house. But no. This cat was now at my front door. I told him I was down the shore, and while he was understanding, he was not about to deliver the bag there. But I was able to talk him into delivering it to my brother's house, so it wouldn't sit unprotected on my sidewalk in the rainy morning.

After a lengthy day, I drove home and picked up my bag at my brother's house. I was disappointed to find there was no note from my bag stealer contained within.

So I took advantage of the rare Saturday night at home to go through the TiVo. Brass lives! Vito is a catcher? Will and Grace didn't speak for 17 years? Speaking of the TiVo, so what if I have Extreme Home Makeover set for tomorrow night...


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