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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


It's bad enough that his brother is running the country into the ground. We simply cannot allow the same to happen with the NFL.

I am completely dragging ass today, despite sleeping in for an extra hour, thanks to last night's marathon Mets game. Completely worth it after Beltran's game-winning homer in the bottom of the 16th.

Phillies' pitcher Ryan Madson threw seven innings in relief - from the ninth to the 16th. That is damn impressive. I bet half the pitchers who started MLB games last night didn't pitch that many innings.

Prior to watching the game, I took the crazy nephews to see "Over the Hedge" at the Dunellen Theater. These kid movies are well done - they're cartoons and obviously targeted to children, but they throw in enough adult humor to make it funny for everyone. At one point, one of the animals was yelling out "Stella" and I was cracking up. Adam demanded to know what was so funny, but it's hard to explain that to a five-year-old.


  • At 5/24/2006 12:47 PM, Blogger freakgirl said…

    I was hoping you'd post about Bush/NFL. Good god.

    "Over the Hedge" looks cute. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • At 5/24/2006 6:25 PM, Blogger todd a said…

    Does the phallic symbol on the cover of The Little Mermaid count as "adult humor"?

  • At 5/25/2006 11:30 PM, Blogger Tommyjoebillyjimbob said…

    Mets. Yes, that was great. It was just a matter of time before they reached him. 7 innings. He had a ERA of over 5 before the game. Carlos is gettin' it done. Needs to bring the average up, but..


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