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Sunday, July 09, 2006

As I drove around the Pacific Northwest Friday, I realized I was in the midst of a stretch that would have me sleep in seven different beds in seven consecutive nights. I took pictures from the window (or, in one case, the front door) of most of my lodging, so I can provide a photo tour of my travels this week...

Sunday night: Newport, R.I. Unfortunately, this doesn't capture my favorite part of this spot - the ever-present fish smell. Some people hated it - I loved it. Very New England.

Monday night: a quick stop at my parents' house to do laundry and take a long boat ride with the crazy nephews.

Tuesday night: an even quicker stop at a Portland, Ore., airport hotel. No photo necessary.

Wednesday night: Bandon, Ore.

Thursday night: back in Portland, Ore. No photo here, although I could include one of my new haircut. Thursday morning, I decided I hated my hair, so I had it chopped. Apparently, I told the girl I wanted bangs. I must have been very tired, because I don't remember this. But it actually looks pretty good.

Friday night: Tacoma, Wash. This one took my breath away as I opened the curtain. Completely worth the lengthy drive and traffic delays to get there.

Saturday night: Bremerton, Wash.

Fortunately, I get to park it in one place for the week before taking the redeye home in time to make Sunday morning's softball game. There are definitely worse places to spend a week. It's quite nice here.

As a postscript, I offer these - actual street signs in the Evergreen State.

I didn't know you could make street signs with random numbers - I thought it had to be a multiple of five. And the teeter-totter sign was made better by the fact that there was no teeter-totter to be seen. Perhaps it was some sort of homage to Bobby and Cindy Brady.

And I'll leave you with this...

Uh, I'm going to pass, thank you.


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