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Monday, July 24, 2006

Clerks II
(R), for pervasive sexual and crude content including aberrant sexuality, strong language and some drug material

"Time to go! First movie I've walked out of in 30 f-ing years!"
-Joel Siegel

"I laughed, I cried. What a great f-ing movie!"
-Jersey Girl

If Joel Siegel walked out after 40 minutes, just imagine how offended he'd have been had he stayed until the magnificent end.

I didn't actually cry, but it did get a little dusty in the theater near the end. Because "Clerks II," despite the interspecies erotica and A-M shtick, is really about love and friendship.

A fine review from the NY Times:

The conventional romantic-comedy outlines of the story emerge almost casually, and they are camouflaged by the film’s humor, which is gleefully and abrasively obscene.

A pre-movie highlight: I arrived at the theater before my cousin and his roommate, so I purchased the tickets to avoid getting shut out of the show. When it was my turn, I placed the following order: "Three for Clerks II please." I was hit with this: "Three adults?" leading me to wonder if she would actually sell tickets for this movie to children.

She should not. She should also not sell them to my parents. Although I loved this flick, I do not want them going anywhere near it. They watched "Jackass" and found it highly amusing, and that's as far as I want to push the obscenity boundaries with them. I do not want any phone calls from EMTs reporting that my parents have been carted away from the movie theater in an ambulance.

Speaking of aberrant sexuality, why is this protestor, who streaked across the golf course at the British Open yesterday, wearing a g-string with a chipmunk on it? Is this any way to get people to support your cause?


  • At 7/24/2006 2:16 PM, Blogger SJPSandman said…

    One can only pray that when this flick hits DVD, there's an unrated director's cut for us all to enjoy.

  • At 7/24/2006 4:35 PM, Blogger freakgirl said…

    So glad you got to see the movie! It was great, huh? I cannot believe he got an 'R' rating on that. And I'm already excited for the DVD. :)

  • At 7/24/2006 7:57 PM, Blogger todd a said…

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  • At 7/24/2006 7:58 PM, Blogger todd a said…

    Here's hoping in the DVD that the scene with Kelly doesn't include the actual pictures from the activity that they partake in.

    ....although I admit I am very curious....but not THAT curious.

  • At 7/24/2006 11:12 PM, Blogger freakgirl said…

    God, I hope not. What we saw already was quite enough, thanks. :)

    "I'm sorry, Jesus!"

  • At 7/25/2006 8:08 AM, Blogger zip1010 said…

    Jersey Girl -
    Speaking of people leaving the theater, I recall that when we saw Clerks there was a pleasant elderly couple that got up and left the movie fairly early. I believe it was the part when Dante and his girlfriend were discussing the pros and cons of the significance of the number "37" in her life.

  • At 7/26/2006 6:37 PM, Blogger jersey girl said…


    I have never forgotten that. I remember when they sat down, you and I exchanged stunned "They MUST be in the wrong theater" looks.

    And yes, the snowball chatter was the end of them.


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