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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Hmm, Jersey Girl is finally coming to watch me play at Lambeau. I wonder if she and Megs would like to go to dinner after the game."

That's right - earlier today, the lovely Megan purchased two tickets for the Jets-Packers game in Green Bay on December 3rd. Moments later, I bought an airline ticket from EWR to ORD.

For someone who makes a living using words, I'm having trouble articulating how excited I am about this. People keep asking if I'm crazy, going to Green Bay in December. Certainly not. I have no desire to go to a Packers game in the nice weather. I want to do it properly - freezing my ass off. They don't call it the Frozen Tundra for nothing. I fully expect that this will join my June, 2001 visit to Wrigley as the apexes of my sporting experiences.

I'm also researching flights for our girls' weekend in Vegas in early November. Currently, flights from EWR to LAS are in the $1,200 range. That can't be right. Are they giving away money in Vegas that weekend?

Also arranged was a trip to see Ohio State play Penn State in September. If anyone from my office asks, of COURSE the most convenient way to travel from Newark to Jacksonville is via Columbus, Ohio.

I've fielded a few inquiries regarding my feelings about Ohio State being named the pre-season number one in various publications. My answer: uneasy.

Admittedly, I'm a little concerned about a defense that lost nine starters from last year. The Buckeyes have a history of regenerating defensive players without missing a beat, year after year, but to lose nine, including the likes of A.J. Hawk, Bobby Carpenter, and the entire secondary, is enough to give me pause.

Moving on to Flushing, Omar Minaya again showed he's 659 times a better GM than Isiah Thomas when he signed David Wright to a six-year deal over the weekend. This may be just the push I need to add a Wright jersey to my wardrobe.

While searching for the news story about the above on the Mets home page, I came across this wonderment - David Wright's blog. That's going on the list of Geniuses. "Wright Now." Love it.

Brett Lorenzo Favre is one of two athletes to whom we give the full-name treatment around here. The other, Michael Joseph Piazza, makes his return to Shea in a Padres uniform tomorrow, and the Sandman will be there. This, along with the arrival of Emily Lynn last week, are the kinds of things that occasionally cause me to dislike all the traveling. I'd like nothing better than to be at Shea to watch the Sandman get misty thanks to the return of the love of his sporting life.

The Ledger is reporting that Curtis Martin's career might be over. Pardon my lack of eloquence, but that would suck. Can you imagine if they hold farewell ceremonies for Chrebet and Martin at the same time? Get ready for lots of grown men weeping in East Rutherford.

And finally, in non-sporting news, here's a job listing I found on Monster ... does this not seem a bit curious?

While performing the duties of this Job, the employee is regularly required to sit; use hands to finger, handle, or feel; reach with hands and arms and talk or hear. The employee is occasionally required to stand; walk; climb or balance and stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl.


  • At 8/08/2006 7:55 AM, Blogger zip1010 said…

    Use hands to finger, handle, or feel? Are you sure this isn't a Craigslist ad?

  • At 8/08/2006 9:10 AM, Blogger SJPSandman said…

    I think i'll be fingering, handling and feeling tonight at Shea. And you know what, I just might stoop, kneel and crouch, too.

  • At 8/08/2006 11:20 PM, Blogger Megan said…

    YAYAYA!!! I can't wait!!!

  • At 8/09/2006 1:30 AM, Blogger SJPSandman said…

    By coincidence, the Local Shill sitting in the same section at Shea tonight.
    The biggest of Piazza's standing ovations -- when he came up for his first AB -- lasted over a minute.
    A fantastic evening in Flushing.
    Blog to come.


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