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Thursday, September 21, 2006

With 10:31 remaining in the third quarter of Sunday's Jets game, I took out a emory board and started filing my nails.

The Jets were trailing 24-0, and during Herm's tenure, Gang Green would have done. I figured the best part of our time inside the stadium - halftime - had already passed, and there wouldn't be much more to see on this sunny home-opening Sunday. So I decided to use the time to work on my nails.

But then, something strange happened. Before we knew it, the Jets had reeled off three consecutive scores and were down 24-17. What the hell?

Yes, they eventually lost. But at least they didn't roll over and die, and managed to wake up a home crowd from its two-hour nap. These are not Herm's Jets. Herm is busy working his magic in Kansas City. The '06 Jets may not win a ton of games, but at least they put up a fight. Mangini, the head coach younger than me, seems to know what he's doing. It was encouraging.

Let's go back to halftime and what made it so interesting, shall we? No, it wasn't frisbee-catching dogs or football-playing tykes. It was a verbal showdown in the stands, featuring ... us. And the whole thing was punter Ben Graham's fault.

If Graham could have managed to kick the ball more than nine yards late in the second quarter, the Professor might not have started screaming at the field. And, in turn, some fellow Jets fans sitting two rows in front of us might not have felt the need to turn around and start yelling at him. The Professor's father wouldn't have gotten involved, and his brother wouldn't have come from nine seats away to get involved in the goings-on. The huge guy sitting behind me wouldn't have climbed over the seats to support our cause. And security wouldn't have visited.

But we quickly assured them that everything was fine, and that we were just participating in a think-tank of sorts, sharing ideas about the Jets' season. Hands were shaken, and we moved on. Good times!

Here's our new friend sharing some of his ideology with us...

Much to his dismay, the Sandman missed the entire thing, save for the last 45 seconds. During what was a fantastic tailgate, several bottles of wine and 120 of the 120 beers brought were consumed, and he single-handedly polished off the majority of a bottle of Captain Morgan. Thus, perhaps somewhat related to his pre-game time with the Captain, he spent the first quarter catching up on his rest, and the second quarter in parts unknown.

To his credit, he perked up nicely during the third quarter, and was fine by the time the game ended, and was easily able to make the long journey back to the car which, according to him, "was parked on Route 3." Hey, who hasn't napped during a Jets' game? It happens to the best of us.

All in all, a solid week one. See you in two weeks, when the Colts come to town.

Oh, and as for the current state of affairs in Green Bay? Yes, the Packers are 0-2, and it is looking like it will be a long, ugly season. But I was encouraged by Favre's week two performance. Mainly, I was encouraged that he might still be the starting quarterback on Dec. 3rd.

Because if they replace him with Aaron Rodgers before then, I am going to have to write a whiny, pleading letter to the powers-that-be in Green Bay, asking that they put Favre back in the pocket for that game. I haven't waited 10 years to see Favre at Lambeau, only to have him yanked out of the lineup weeks before I get there.

Oh no. No one wants to have to suffer me if that happens. That will not be pretty.


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