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Monday, October 23, 2006

Is candy corn an acceptable breakfast? Can someone advise me here?

Saturday morning, perhaps thanks to dietary indiscretions such as the one listed above, I decided it was time to kick start my autumn exercise program with a little run. I left Casa Magnolia and started up the road, and the next thing you know I was 3.6 miles away, at my brother's house. When I walked in his front door, we enjoyed the following exchange:

Him (giving my sweaty, limping body the once-over): "How did you get here?"
Me: "I ran."
Him (shaking his head): "What the hell is the matter with you?"

I didn't have a good answer for that. But it wouldn't be the last time that day someone looked at me like I was a crazy person...

Later that evening, I went to a wine-tasting party. Although a seasoned veteran of wine drinking and trips to winieries, I've never been to an actual wine-tasting shindig, so I didn't know what to expect. I figured everyone would sit around and sip different wines (in this instance, from the Piedmont region in Italy), and then perhaps talk about them.

Oh no. Perhaps the invite should have read Wine-Guzzling Party. Bottle after bottle disappeared, and in a relatively short time frame. I'll admit to a bit of a headache Sunday morning. But well worth it, as the wines were all excellent.

Anyway, during the evening, another attendee and I were discussing the concerts we've attended, with a special focus on our respective headbanging days. I mentioned my infamous moshing during a Metallica show at Lollapalooza many years ago, which ended with me sporting a bit of a black eye.

One of our co-hosts, who was born in Lithuania, seemed puzzled by how one obtains a black eye during dancing, which led to this:

Me: "Moshing is when everyone kind of runs around in a big circle and slams into each other" (with arms flailing about to help illustrate).
Her (with a slightly bewildered look): "Huh. I see."

I don't think she did see. I guess some things don't translate well into other cultures.

Yesterday was a lovely day in East Rutherford, and featured an appearance from my brother, his first ever at the tailgate and a Jets game. For the first time in four home games, there was no visit to Section 331 from Meadowlands personnel. I forgot to mention that there was another fight during last week's game. We were not involved, but again someone went head first over a few rows. This time, the person who fell apparently landed on someone, and punches were subsequently thrown.

But this week, no incidents. No fights, no falls, no vomiting. Apparently the Jets' surprising success has mellowed everyone. A winning record seven weeks into the season. I sure didn't see that coming.

And finally, please indulge me. I get the feeling I won't see this man smiling too many times this season.

Man, do the Dolphins suck.

Oh, one other thing, speaking of teams who do NOT suck ... it is so strange to look for the Rutgers score on Yahoo sports and find it on the college football home page because the Scarlet Knights are in the top 25. Strange, but nice.

In his Monday Morning QB, Peter King offered a scenario in which OSU and Rutgers could meet for the national title. That's almost beyond comprehension, given that it wasn't so many years ago that OSU was the preseason #1 and R-U was #117 in the SI poll.

Very good times in the Hub City.


  • At 10/24/2006 3:10 PM, Blogger Megan said…

    I actually listened to the Packer game in the car on the ride home from my parents' house.

    My AARP card should be arriving shortly.

  • At 10/25/2006 9:34 AM, Blogger jersey girl said…

    Cripes, does listening to sports on the radio make you old? If that's true, I may be elected AARP president soon. I LOVE listening to sports on the radio. I almost prefer listening to baseball games than to watching them.

    I've been unable to watch a few OSU games this season due to work, so instead I've listened to them on the Columbus AM sports station, via the internet. And that's also quite enjoyable.


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