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Friday, October 27, 2006

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year, the Hunt. Its proper name is the Far Hills Race Meeting, but no one calls it that. It's just known as the Hunt - 50,000 people drinking, eating, drinking and drinking while horses race around the swell of humanity, all in the name of fundraising for the local hospital.

It's a terrific day to catch up with friends and enjoy the fall colors. All we need now is a relatively nice day, and we'll be good to go.

Tomorrow: A steady, heavy rain in the morning. Showers continuing in the afternoon. High around 60F. SE winds shifting to WSW at 15 to 25 mph. 1 to 2 inches of rain expected. Locally heavier rainfall possible.

Stench. The local weatherwoman used the word "Nor'easter" this morning on the news. Not promising.

The Captain and I went to the Hub City last night for dinner and cocktails. After eating here, we headed to Gaebel's. As we walked in, I picked up a postcard advertising DJ Nice/DJ Johnny Freeze, who'd be spinning R&B, Hip Hop, Dance and Reggeaton that evening.

No, I don't know what Reggeaton is either. Whatever happened to Reggae?

When we first walked in, it was the usual mellow evening at Gaebel's - low lights, candles, jazz playing, about eight people at the bar. But armed with the postcard, we knew the threat of a dance club breaking out at any moment existed, so we enjoyed the peaceful environs while we could.

While we sat, a young Hasidic man walked in, complete with spiraled hair and the appropriate headwear. He promptly grabbed a bar stool next to me and started chatting with the bartenders. It turns out he was practicing his Halloween costume, which became apparent as soon as took his jacket off to reveal a left arm completely covered in tattoos. He's been planning this for months - he even grew a beard to make it look authentic. He and his girlfriend, who is black, are going to a party this weekend. He'll be dressed as he was last night. She'll be going as Hitler. I think they'll be a big hit.

The DJ finally showed up and got things rolling, which was a sign that it was time for us to leave. But he threw us for a loop with his first song. Hip hop? Reggeaton? Techno? Nope. Journey - "Don't Stop Believin.' " We left shortly thereafter despite this sleeper musical start.

I've already fielded an inquiry as to my loyalties for Sunday's Jets-Browns game. It's a no-brainer - J-E-T-S. Now, come Dec. 3rd, when the Jets (and I) travel to Green Bay to face His High Holiness at Lambeau, that will be another matter altogether.


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