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Friday, October 06, 2006

Yes, it's late Thursday night, and I still haven't mentioned Monday night's Packers' debacle. Let's pretend it didn't happen, shall we? It was not a pretty sight - me banging my head against the bar as my new friend, who I think we'll be calling The Captain, watched with concern. A nice first half, followed by as ugly a half of football as you will ever see.

Let's move on...

The Mets, using a pitching rotation just a few steps above the one featured in our Sunday softball games, are 2-0 in the NLDS. Amazin's, indeed.

While reading my USA Today in a Georgia hotel yesterday, I came across this feature on Jackie Earle Haley, who starred in two of my favorite movies of all time - "Bad News Bears" and "Breaking Away." To my amazement, he's appearing in a few current movies. I'm not surprised he's still acting (ok, I am). But I was more surprised to hear they made a movie of "Little Children." I'm an enormous Tom Perrotta fan, but I didn't think "Little Children" was his strongest effort. The book started very well but kind of fizzled three-quarters through. After solid, in-depth character and plot development, it was like Perrotta got bored and thus wrapped things up really quickly to be done with the book.

If you want to read a great read, check out "The Wishbones." A fantastic book, one I give often as a gift. "Joe College" is also great. And I think I'd believe both were great books even if I weren't from Jersey. But as always, that helps.

And finally, tonight I was reminded that it doesn’t matter how much you drink at work functions, as long as you’re sitting next to someone who’s had more to drink than you have.

Good times!


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