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Thursday, November 30, 2006

What sort of divine intervention would be necessary to make it so that the week I've traveling to Lambeau to see His Holiness in action, he's on the cover of SI as the face of football? It's like they know.

People, I am FIRED UP for this trip. I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve. I may watch "There's Something About Mary" tonight to throw myself into a further froth (although, as a sidebar, that may be the worst movie ending in cinematic history. Who in their right mind would pick Ben Stiller over Brett Favre? Puh-lease.).

Just as exciting as the reality that my arse will be seated in Lambeau mere days from now is the knowledge that The Lovely Lady of Sheboygan will be sitting with me. GOOD times!

Let's do a quick check of the weather, shall we? Specifically, what will it be like Sunday for the game?

Bring it on, Mother Nature. Bring it on.


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