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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Apparently I live in the safest neighborhood in the country.

I went out for a day of shopping (and an afternoon of $1.25 Yuengling drafts, god bless happy hour) with an old friend and arrived home 11 hours later to realize I didn't close my front door upon leaving. Not that it wasn't locked. It was wide open. As a veteran of the home invasion, I'm usually much more careful. That's what I get for allowing a six year old to be in charge of closing the door and not checking to make sure he actually did it (trust me, I don't feel good about blaming a child, but facts are facts).

I had a horrible sickening feeling as I ran up the stairs, but soon realized all was fine, as my laptop was sitting on the coffee table and the television and TiVo were untouched.

It's the second Christmas miracle in a week. Last week, when I put the lights on the Christmas tree, they all worked. No profanity, no temper tantrums. Definitely a first.


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