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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm always amazed when I see people driving like madmen (or madwomen – dames are equally guilty and I don't want to be gender biased) while operating vehicles with a phone number on the side – service or delivery trucks, etc. How can someone be so stupid as to drive dangerously or irresponsibly while advertising an easy avenue for complaints? I guess they think people are too lazy to call and complain when they have been wronged on the roadways. I can be quite lazy, but not concerning things like this.

Today, I was run off the road by a school bus. The bus was going at least 15 miles above the speed limit down a tight, windy road near my office, and its reckless path gave me two options: 1) a head-on collision with the bus; 2) driving off the road. I went with the latter. I'm sure Mr. Bus Driver thought he would just continue on his merry, speedy way. He was wrong. I performed an outstanding k-turn, followed him and wrote down the bus and license plate numbers.

It has not been easy – because the incident happened on the border of two towns and the vehicle was a company bus instead of one from the school district, it took some internet searching and four phone calls – but I finally got the proper person on the horn. We enjoyed a pleasant chat during which I expressed concern for the safety of the children on the #27 bus as well as motorists such as myself, and he profusely apologized. All in all, a satisfying conversation.

I'm leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning and will be gone until Tuesday, and do not plan to bring my computer. This all but guarantees that His Holiness will announce his plans sometime in the next four days, which means I won't be able to comment on it.

There's no way Sunday's Patriots-Colts game doesn't come down to a Vinatieri kick, right?

For a while, I have been looking in vain for video of one of my favorite football moments of all time. Unfortunately, the search remains unsuccessful but I did come across audio. Enjoy.


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