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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The sky must be about to fall. How else to explain my desire to discuss the NBA?

But I'd like to take a moment to talk about the athlete who ranks second (a distant second to His Holiness, but No. 2 nonetheless) on my current list of favorites... Shaquille O'Neal.

Why the love for Shaq Daddy, despite his playing in a league I rank somewhere behind women's soccer, bowling, the Fitness America Pageant and Extreme Ironing? Because while so many of his assclown, whiny fellow athletes look like they're being tortured by their fame and fortune, he actually looks like he's enjoying himself. He also often has something amusing and interesting to say, which again puts him ahead of the curve.

That said, I completely ignored this weekend's NBA All-Star game. But I found this paragraph from Jason Whitlock rather eye-opening:

David Stern seriously needs to consider moving the event out of the country for the next couple of years in hopes that young, hip-hop hoodlums would find another event to terrorize. Taking the game to Canada won't do it. The game needs to be moved overseas, someplace where the Bloods and Crips and hookers and hoes can't get to it without a passport and plane ticket.


Speaking of sports, the local paper delivered yet again today, this time with a bit of unexpected shtick from Dear Abby. A few weeks ago, Abby responded to a letter from a bride who was upset that her father left immediately after her wedding ceremony to watch a football game. Today, Abby printed responses to the original letter. The message to the bride? She's to blame, for poor planning.

And I have to agree. There are three events I'd consider before scheduling my nuptials:
1) March Madness, from the first Thursday to the final Monday (which is not to criticize the bride and groom whose wedding I'll be attending next month - they've scheduled it to coincide with St. Patty's Day, which is admirable).
2) OSU-Michigan (Ok. OSU-anyone).
3) The majority of the NFL schedule. Most notably, Jets' home games.

I attended a wedding during the first game of the Subway Series in 2000. I have three vivid memories of that night:
1) A friend wearing an earpiece with a transistor radio, like he was Secret Service, so he could listen to the game.
2) Smoking cigars with another friend and banging my head on the bar as the Mets went down in flames in 12 innings.
3) Yet another friend hurling into his dress shirt in the back seat of my car very late that evening, which led to him abandoning said shirt on the side of Route 78.

Good times.

Finally, the lead story in today's paper was this. Can we be too far from the complete elimination of all reporters and photographers at the paper?


  • At 2/21/2007 12:01 AM, Blogger SJPSandman said…

    Well said.

    The NBA has sucked ass for a long time. Shaq is one of the few things -- perhaps the only thing -- the league has to offer that I enjoy in any way.

    Oh, and you forgot Superbowl Sunday on your list of days not to plan an event. I've turned down invites to more than one wedding over the years scheduled for sports' holiest of days.

  • At 2/21/2007 10:47 AM, Blogger zip1010 said…

    The post-wedding bar scene is seared in my memory as well. The wedding was also notable for:
    - a friend of ours yelling, "Who let the [last name of groom]'s out!"
    - copious amounts of free bread
    - photographs with elderly women.

    Good times, indeed.

  • At 2/21/2007 11:24 AM, Blogger Joependleton said…

    Nice job by Abby: But Sandman, I have to disagree with you on Super Bowl Sunday. I think, unless my Rams were playing, I'd rather go to a wedding than watch the 4-four TV commercial wrapped around a football game called the Super Bowl.

    To me, the NFL season ends on championship Sunday, and then the rest of the world hops on board for the next two weeks.

    To me, the Super Bowl is not a sporting event. It's a TV show. I think I'd rather have a 5-hour open bar with hot chicks dancing to Bust a Move over that.

    This could spur a most overrated sporting events post. I'll keep rush out of it.

  • At 2/21/2007 3:26 PM, Blogger Megan said…

    If I told you that I once owned an LSU basketball outfit (jersey and basketball shorts) in high school because I loved Shaq THAT MUCH, would you believe me?

    It's true. I looked AWESOME.

  • At 2/21/2007 9:18 PM, Blogger jersey girl said…

    Sandman, while I wouldn't purposefully schedule an event to compete with the Super Bowl, I agree with JP that the SB isn't so much about the actual game.

    Of course, I'll completely change my tune should the J-E-T-S wind up in the game during my lifetime.

    Zip, I forgot about that impromptu photo session with the octogenarian. It's no wonder the other subject in those pictures wound up ditching his dress shirt six hours later on the side of the highway. And what is it with us and bread? Because don't forget the theft of bread products during our last reunion.

    And Megan, I can indeed picture this. And I am enjoying it greatly.

  • At 2/22/2007 12:12 PM, Blogger SJPSandman said…

    You guys should gamble more. I think then you would appreciate the Super Bowl in all its glory.

    JP: Rush lead singer Geddy Lee = HUGE baseball fan. I believe the Blue Jays are his team.

    In fact, if memory serves, he sang the National Anthem before the last All-Star game played in Canada. Or it might have been a World Series game (Toronto '93?). I dunno, but he sang it!


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