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Friday, March 23, 2007

Dear Buckeyes,

You might not realize it, but I had a birthday earlier this week. While I apparently still look young enough to be carded, as I was the night of my birthday due to the restaurant’s “we card anyone under 30” policy, I am not as young as I was once.

I mention this because you are going to kill me with these close tilts. Don’t get me wrong. I’m incredibly grateful you have somehow survived the past two games. When you fell down by 20 in the first half last night, I briefly considered turning off the game and going to bed, since I came back from Vermont with a cold. But something told me you would come back. And, almost remarkably quickly, you did exactly that.

Perhaps against Memphis, you could muster a stronger effort in the first half. No need to make it so dramatic. Maybe play hard for a full 40 minutes and win by 15. I think I'd be okay with that.

And Mike Conley, make your free throws. Please.

Go Bucks.

Hugs & kisses,
Jersey Girl


  • At 3/24/2007 1:06 AM, Blogger Jerry Carino said…

    Oden is going to roll Memphis today. Read this:

    If he doesn't do it now, he never will.

  • At 3/25/2007 9:40 AM, Blogger jersey girl said…

    I wonder how Mr. Dorsey and his zero points are feeling this morning.


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