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Monday, March 26, 2007

You know when you don’t plan to speak to someone ever again? When you completely remove them from your address book.

I recently needed to add someone to my phone numbers, but that letter was already full. So I took a good, hard look at the folks taking those valuable spaces. Assessments were made. And a big Pink Pearl eraser later, two people from the letter C have been deleted.

Then I moved on to the other letters, to see who else could be removed. Strangely, I have three deceased people in my phone book. They're still there. But 17 individuals who are alive, including two college boyfriends, two former beer league softball teammates, a high-school basketball teammate and my first administrative assistant, are now essentially dead to me.

So, want to be my friend? I have plenty of room for you. As long as your surname doesn’t begin with S. I’m kind of overbooked there right now. Wait until the next round of cuts, when I’m sure some of them will go.


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