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Friday, April 06, 2007

You'd be hard-pressed to find a sleepier town than mine.

There was but one traffic light in my town until I was about 15. We didn't have our own supermarket until 1999. To this day, I believe there are just two establishments open 24/7 - a Quick Chek and a Wawa. And don't forget, this is a town where I have left my front door wide open for more than 12 hours, and nothing happened. Don't get me wrong, we have the essentials - a liquor store, a diner, a few bars, a solid pizzeria and a really good bagel shop. But we don't see a whole lot of action here.

So to sit in the airport and watch footage of what's gone on in the past 24 hours as one of the lead stories on CNN is somewhat surreal. They caught the guy this morning, at 8:10 a.m., behind a seedy motel around the corner from the Casa. On a normal morning, I would have been driving past this motel en route to work at that exact time. But because I wasn't going to the office but instead to the airport later in the day, I was safely ensconced in my bed while the second round of excitement was occurring.

When I went to the bank around 9:45, there were still news trucks everywhere. I looked for the WB-11 truck as I hoped to take advantage of an opportunity to ask if their ungodly annoying early morning anchor has sordid pictures of the higher-ups that allow her to remain on the air. No such luck.

Unlike yesterday, when the excitement took place a mile in the other direction and thus one town away, today's action was all 'Burg, baby. My town doesn't have its own zip code and is thus unrecognized on 98% of U.S. maps, so to look up on the big screen and see it underneath footage of a fugitive being captured is somewhat amazing.

Hey, it's always nice to be recognized. Perhaps now we can get on the map.


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