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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Not even a complete drubbing could ruin a terrific day at Shea yesterday. Well, it cast a pall on it for me, but the crazy nephews didn't care so much. They'll learn.

But they were too busy enjoying an exciting day of subway rides, Mr. Met tomfoolery and a buffet of hot dogs, popcorn and peanuts. Thankfully, there was a lone appearance from the Mets' home run apple. By then I had been asked at least 20 times, "when is the apple going to come out?" So although it was useless in terms of the outcome of the game, it mattered very much to two young Mets fans in training. And to an aunt who was tired of replying, "when a Met manages to hit the ball over the fence."

Although a few people told me I was insane for bringing the duo into the city without assistance, we had a delightful, trouble-free day. Hey, we even went to the bathroom without any incidents. Matthew, on his inaugural visit to a major-league ballpark, did suffer a pre-game injury when he took a major tumble running up the ramp. But he brushed it off and carried on with his day, bloody elbow and all.

For anyone who says New Yorkers are cold and unfriendly, let me point out that when we got on the 7 after the game, as I carried a sleepy Matthew, holding Adam with one hand and a bag of treats in the other, two people immediately got up and gave us their seats on the crowded train.

As we drove out of the city through the tunnel, Adam proclaimed, "I love New York City," and Matthew lamented, "I'm going to miss this city." A return trip is being planned.

In other weekend news, you haven't lived until you've danced in a dive bar with a man wearing an "I *Heart* Lesbians" t-shirt to someone's karaoke version of "Runaround Sue." Good times!

After a quiet few months where news items about His Holiness are concerned, a two-fer this weekend. I was going to mention this, but then I was notified of this. I'd like to provide a statement about this, but my head is absolutely spinning after tonight's Sopranos episode.


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