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Monday, June 04, 2007

Is it too much to ask that an establishment with the word “Quick” in its name has employees who actually move with some level of haste?

Maybe I was a bit tired after a lengthy evening of mixing it up and cutting the rug at a wedding Saturday evening, but it seemed ridiculous that the cashier at the local QuickChek needed eight minutes to ring up the person in front of me and another three minutes to send me on my way with my two Sunday papers.

The next time I go in, perhaps I’ll bring a lawn chair with me, so I can rest in comfort while I wait for Lady Lollygagger to work her magic.

As for the wedding, an excellent time. And it was a learning opportunity as well. For anyone unfamiliar with Black Time, allow me to send you to see the delightful Lozo for an explanation. (I will warn my more sensitive readers that while I find Mr. Lozo a delight, some of his shtick is R-rated and not for everyone. Mom, this means you.)


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