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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My parents drove down to visit for a few days while I'm in the south, which has been quite lovely. Things haven't gotten completely out of hand yet (that comes tomorrow, as they're wisely leaving town) so we've been able to spend some time together during the day between various crises. Last night, we dined at a solid local steakhouse.

While good, the outing made me yearn for the sweet goodness of home, at Steve's Sizzling Steaks. I've noticed many people find my site by googling Steve's, and I'm sure they've found their way to me because Steve's is an old-school joint which felt no need to join the technological age.

Not anymore.

In addition to providing the restaurant's simple, yet wondrous menu and some terrific pictures, the web site is also educational. Heretofore, I thought the establishment was called Steve's Sizzin' Steaks. Their big plates o' meat are in fact Sizzling.

"Steaks are seasoned in their house sauce."

Oh yes they are.


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