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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Well, I have been in Jersey for four days, and my contract doesn't allow any stay longer than that during this time of year, so it's time to get back back on the road. Greetings from Newark Airport. I received permission from my mother to fly despite the date, so not to worry. I will say I don't know that I've ever seen the airport more deserted.

But it has been a highly productive four days. In addition to Sunday's Jets game, I have gone to the diner twice, successfully procured tickets for both Jersey Springsteen shows, won week one in my football pool with a stunning display of accuracy (14 for 16) and spent a good amount of time the crazies:

I also managed to squeeze in a bike ride through the Duke estate Saturday morning with Freakgirl. It was nice to be on the property - it's always been a mysterious sort of place, hidden behind large gates. It is absolutely beautiful.

Before the road show continues, let's take a moment (and that is all it will take) to discuss...


Upon the conclusion of last week's tournament, I headed due south for Tulsa, Okla. I went with one purpose: to say I have been to Oklahoma.

I have been to Oklahoma.

Here is what I will say about the Sooner State:

-Oklahoma is a great place to catch up on phone calls while driving across 130 miles of nothingness. Well, as soon as you find a place with good cell reception. Until then, there's a lot of calling people back.
-While driving, I called the crazy nephews. The older one, who has shown an aptitude for geography, asked where I was. I told him Oklahoma, which he didn't recognize, but then I described it as "the state by Texas that looks like a square with an arm sticking out of it" and then he got very animated.
-Although I did not venture into downtown Tulsa, it looked to have potential.
-Upon arriving at my hotel, I came across a Pizza Hut. And I was happy to find it. Most of the other eateries in the area featured "boobs and ribs" or things of the sort.

It is no wonder that Oklahoma suffers from severe weather, including tornados. The state is unbelievably flat. The picture above is the only one I took in the state. I wanted to take others, but by the time I got to anything interesting it was dark.

I'm sure there are places that make Oklahoma a worthwhile stop and perhaps someday I will return to see some of them. I'd like to get to Norman to see the university.

But for now, you can cross Oklahoma off the list. Coming later this week, #43...


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