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Monday, September 24, 2007

You thought I would let this go unmentioned? You obviously don't know me very well.

I can't decide which was the bigger shocker of the weekend - that Green Bay improved to 3-0, or that Ohio State won by 51 points, which easily could have been 75 and do not bust my chops about that. The Buckeyes' second-string QB was in the game before halftime and the third-stringer saw considerable action. For a while, I thought they might summon me to the field. Don't laugh. Thanks to my quarterbacking days in the OSU sorority league, which for one year played its championship game under the lights in Ohio Stadium, I have probably taken more snaps on that field than 105,150 of the people in the stadium Saturday.

Anyway, while I did enjoy both results, by no means do I think either squad is as good as their current records and most recent wins would seem to indicate. But I'll enjoy the rides while they last.

This, on the other hand, almost defies description. If we're looking for positives, I guess we could say that at least the Browns continue to find new ways to lose. Not entirely new, as the Raiders lost in this exact fashion last week. But new for Cleveland.

So congratulations on your semi-innovation. I guess.


  • At 9/24/2007 7:26 PM, Blogger Michael said…

    Boeckman grew up a few minutes from where I did. The same teensy farm town that produced Jim Lachey and Jeff Hartings.

    And I agree about Ohio State's early schedule being a little flimsy. How many weeks until Saine is back? I saw him run at the State track meet a few years back...kuh-razy.

    Your blog is so butch!

  • At 9/24/2007 9:19 PM, Blogger jersey girl said…

    Your area is churning out some nice football players. :)

    Despite my wearing more pink in recent years, I will never be accused of being a girly girl.


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