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Monday, October 01, 2007

According to the online tracking program my friends at Continental Airlines offer, I just looked to find that they are still unsure about the whereabouts of my wayward bag.


When I walked out of my hotel at 6:55 this morning, there was my old friend, sitting unwatched and alone on the ground outside the front door.

As you can imagine, I was somewhat confused. It would seem my bag has been here for at least 11 hours, and Continental still doesn't know where it is. And I certainly never got a phone call telling me it was in Arizona and on the way to my hotel, as I was repeatedly promised would be the case when (or, as I kept saying, IF) they found the bag.

Clearly, a call to the Baggage Claim Center at Continental was in order...

Continental Airlines Customer Service Rep: "Hello, can I have your file reference number please?"
Me: rattling off the 10-digit number I have by now memorized
CACSR: "Ok, give me just a moment ... your file seems to be closed. Let me see what I can find out."
Me (after letting her hem and haw for a few moments): "Well, that may be because I have my bag."
CACSR: "You do? Oh, that's terrific."
Me: "It is indeed terrific, but I'm a bit curious as to how it showed up on the front door of my hotel, and I was never called or notified about its arrival, and you all don't seem to have a record of its delivery."
CACSR (after a long pause): "That is strange."

That conversation ended quickly thereafter, and resulted in me now having a somewhat-generous travel voucher for future use. And the promise of repayment of the 200 bucks I spent last week.

So that's that. A quick inspection yielded that all the contents were still in the bag and, except for a tube of face cleanser that opened (thankfully within an air-tight, waterproof bag), all seems well.

I fly again Thursday night. Can't wait to see how that goes.


  • At 10/01/2007 9:20 PM, Blogger the joker said…

    Congrats on getting your bag back.

    I had to have a laugh. I was visualizing you taking a picture of your bag.

    Crazy what you'll do for this internets.


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