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Sunday, October 14, 2007

More than halfway through four days and things are going fairly well. And by fairly well I mean I have managed to keep all three children fed and dressed. A full rundown will follow when I have successfully returned the crazies to their parents in one piece tomorrow night.

I managed to time today's naps to coincide with the Jets game. My reward? Seeing Gang Green in uniforms that looks similar to some of the diapers I've changed in the past 2.5 days.

And here's something to file under good to know ... I have tried to find video from the scene in "Jersey Girl" when Ben Affleck et al are trying to change the baby's diaper at the Hard Rock prior to the Will Smith press conference and the delivery man offers advice about how to clean the baby to avoid the dreaded crotch rot. Might I suggest you not enter "crotch rot" as a search parameter at YouTube.

Trust me on that.


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