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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

After almost a week away from the computer, I had a lot of internet reading planned for today. Unfortunately, during this five-day absence, the powers-that-be at my office made such literary pursuits a little more difficult.

This has been building for a while and apparently finally reached a crescendo during my absence. During the past few months, it has been decided that many web sites are not acceptable viewing for those in the office. Some such sites - like MySpace - I completely understand. But other blocked sites just don't make sense.

For instance, what's so bad about Modern Drunkard? Someone sent me this and my interest in reading it was high (as a sidebar, I have accomplished, if that's the right word, 11 of the 40 items listed. I don't know if I am to be congratulated for that or sent immediately to rehab). But it was not to be. I also can't access the fanhouse content at AOL. And currently, I can read e-mails sent to my hotmail account, but cannot reply to them.

But nothing is more annoying than my inability to get into two sites: You Tube and Blogger. The scenario with You Tube is highly frustrating - I can access the site and call up videos but cannot actually watch them. And the Blogger embargo includes not only posting but reading and making comments, which really puts a crimp in my day. Many times, I'll see something and think, "ooh, I need to inform the numerous (ahem, all seven of you) faithful readers of WBTC of this" but cannot. It's not for a lack of effort, I assure you.

So I'm introducing a new feature at Wine by the Color ... Shit I Couldn't See At Work (henceforth to be known as SICSAW). I will compile a daily list of things I unsuccessfully tried to read and post them later in the day. We'll see how it goes.

One thing I would have mentioned today were I able to access blogger ... a new Mexican joint opened around the corner from the casa. I'm completely unfamiliar with Moe's, but a quick look at their online menu alerted me to the existence of a burrito named the Triple Lindy and a quesadilla named the John Coctostan.

Oh yes. If you want to refer to flicks like "Back to School" and "Fletch" on your menu, I will most certainly try your food.

A recent look at the statistics of the Wine by the Color readership yielded the discovery that I have a reader in Hawaii, which is pleasing given that the Aloha State is without question my favorite non-NJ place. That said, new reader, I am a little uncomfortable that you found this site via a google search for "Linda Cohn Close Up Neck." This is not that kind of site.

Well, not yet, anyway.

And finally, to the folks at the local supermarket ... I am not one bit sorry I knocked over your large, fancy display of nuts and raisin canisters today. If you want to clutter your aisles with crappy displays, you can't be surprised when someone knocks it over. Not to mention, why was this display in the cereal aisle? It should have been in the snacks aisle. I don't go in the snacks aisle, so it wouldn't have happened there.

So don't blame me for not only knocking over your display, but also refusing to replace the items in the display, instead choosing to stack them on the floor. I was really just thinking about the next person to wander down aisle six and saving them from meeting my display-destroying fate.


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