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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The entire clan is headed south tomorrow to spend five days with Mickey Mouse and friends. So posting will be light (if any) for the next few days.

The last time I visited Disney World was December of 1992. My college's football team was in Orlando for a bowl game and I was sent to cover the team as part of the university's official party. My college roommate, the Beckster, came with me, and all these years later it's hard to remember all the shenanigans that ensued during our time there. I do recall: an encounter with Dennis Rodman in our hotel's elevator; drinking with our team's QB, now a commentator for the Evil Empire, at a Church Street Station watering hole; and spending New Year's Eve in a hospitality suite at Sea World, drinking beers meant for this man, an evening that ended with another country star drunkenly sharing unsolicited relationship advice with us in a hotel lobby around 4 a.m. A mere five hours before I had to report for duty at the Citrus Bowl. That was a looong day.

I expect this trip will be slightly tamer than that one. I've been to Orlando for an annual meeting every January since I started at my current outfit but have never returned to the Magic Kingdom so it will be nice to get back there. I hope.

My only goal, outside of general merriment, is to set a new personal record for most times riding this. During my visits there as a youth, I must have ridden that thing at least 25 times. I hope I still find it magical. It'd be highly disappointing to find I am no longer captivated by that wondrous little tune and the beautiful little dancers.


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