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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

When I walked out of the office this afternoon, it marked my last appearance in the workplace until at least Dec. 10. Given the upcoming absence, the last two days were quite busy.

But while not working, I have managed to get a good deal of cyber shopping in done, trying to get the holiday gift-buying done before I leave the country. While doing so, I also checked out a few things for myself...

I decided to buy a winter Jets' hat for the last two games of the season. I usually wear an OSU hat, but given Nugent's ongoing consistency issues, it can be dangerous to wear that one.

Not only did I find a nice Jets' hat on their official web site, I also found a few other practical apparel items:

That has Gate D written all over it.

And in the spirit of equality, so as to not only offer ridiculous get-ups for the ladies, they also offer these...

I love my fellow Jet fans, but I can assure you there aren't many parading around the Meadowlands who I'd want to see squeeze themselves into either of those.

Speaking of Nugent...

And finally, apparently I have a limit:

That's right. Even I wouldn't wear this.


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