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Monday, December 31, 2007

As an FYI, should you ever need to find someone who has been hauled away by the New Jersey State Police at the Meadowlands, you'll have to go between Gates A and B to retrieve him.

Just a helpful hint this holiday season from your friends at Wine by the Color.

My disappointment with our state law enforcement runs high this morning. The overwhelming opinion was that they were determined to make an example of someone, and they did - a young kid who was at least 50 feet from the Gate D concourse ramp, who made an almost inaudible wisecrack to his friends as he headed to the escalator and was immediately grabbed by three state troopers and thrown against a wall. A mediocre lawyer should easily be able to get the charges dismissed.

I did enjoy the NY Times story about the goings-on in East Rutherford yesterday...

According to stadium workers and season-ticket holders, the unruly behavior, which was brought to the team’s attention by an article in The New York Times on Nov. 20,

The behavior was not brought to the attention of the team by The New York Times. The Jets were aware of this for years.

“It’s good because now you don’t have all kinds of maniacs out here,” said Frank Mitchell, a 35-year-old Jets fan from Fishkill, N.Y., who attended the game with his girlfriend. “Listen, you want to come to a game and enjoy yourself. You don’t want fans shouting at your girlfriend. It’s very uncomfortable.”

Mitchell’s girlfriend, 22-year-old Margaret Gallo, said...

Twenty-two years old. Nice work, Mr. Mitchell.

The Jets and the sports authority might have been helped by the cold and wet weather. The 80,242-seat stadium was about a third full, and a stream of fans headed for the exits at halftime as a steady rain fell. Perhaps they were fed up with the Jets’ 12 losses this season.

I think the "third full" might be overstating matters. Conversely, a "stream of fans" heading for the exits at halftime is certainly an understatement. I'd call it more of a gush. I know - I particpated in the exodus.

Several fans were upset for another reason. They noted that the halftime ritual at Gate D had been the only thing left to cheer about during Jets games.

Asked about this fan sentiment, Higgins said, “We’re going to work hard in the off-season to give them a lot to cheer for.”

Good luck with that, Mr. Higgins.

As for Herm's return, how does a man go from this...

to telling his current team's fans to get over their shitty season in five short years? That doesn't sound like someone who's playing to win the game (as a sidebar, oh fabulous YouTube, how I love you so).

And finally, Kerry Collins? Really?


  • At 12/31/2007 2:24 PM, Blogger the joker said…

    A playoff clinching win, a victory in JoePa's 500th game AND a New Year's Day celebration.

    Three things likely to get Mr. Collins back on the bottle again.


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