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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My family doesn't do Christmas dinner. Instead, everyone makes a few hors d'oeuvres and we snack all afternoon.

This year, I decided to make rice balls. Someone at the Jets games brings them to the tailgate (his mother makes them), and my brother loves them. So I got the recipe from my fellow tailgater so I could make them as a treat for my brother.

This is what happens when you get a tailgate from someone you drink with before Jets' games. It's written in chicken scratch and includes no measurements or specifics whatsoever. For instance, it said "use white rice" and "cook some meat." No amounts. It also does not include any information about how long to cook them, or at what temperature.

But they are made. And that was a royal pain in my ass, and involved some hand burning.

I'm not sure how they're going to turn out, given the lack of cooking guidance. I'll post an "after" photo later.

But if my brother doesn't eat every single one of these and sing my praises as he does, we may seriously brawl in the middle of the living room.


  • At 12/26/2007 8:10 PM, Blogger the joker said…

    If you still have some left over, I'm sure the Sandman will have some.

    He's all about eating balls.

  • At 12/26/2007 9:14 PM, Blogger SJPSandman said…

    I would say I would share said balls with the Joker, but his boyfriend's haven't dropped yet.

    Maybe they'll finally show up after his junior high school dance later this semester.


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