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Saturday, December 29, 2007

When the NFL released the 2007 schedule last spring, three games stood out on the Jets' home sked for me: the season opener against the Patriots, the late-season tilt against Cleveland and the finale against the Chiefs, an NBC Sunday night game.

Well, the Pats game was a complete debacle, featuring Spy-gate. While I am enjoying the Browns' unexpected success this season, watching their game against the Jets was an exercise in torture in miserable weather (although I did have the opportunity to verbally mix it up with a Meadowlands usher, an exchange I certainly got the better of).

So that leaves us with tomorrow's Herm-bowl. Our expectations are low, outside of a guaranteed good time at the tailgate. Fortunately, the NFL took pity on Jets fans and moved the game to 4:15 instead of making us suffer through a night game.

All in all, it has not been a standout year for Gang Green supporters. The 3-12 record would be enough (seriously, if you had told me before the season that the Jets would be 3-12 while the Packers would be 12-3 and the Browns would be 9-6, I'd have suggested you put away the crack pipe), but then throw in Spy-gate, the Gate D brouhaha, and the parking situation, and I think we're all just about ready to put the '07 season in the rear-view mirror.

Looking ahead, the Jets' opponents are known for 2008 ... home games: New England, Buffalo, Miami, Denver, Kansas City, Arizona, St. Louis, Cincinnati; away games: New England, Buffalo, Miami, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tennessee. Nothing really catches my eye there. Perhaps a nice road trip to San Diego.

I'd like to write more, but I must seek medical attention immediately. I'm afraid my bleeding ears will never be the same after listening to Misters Gumbel and Collinsworth for the past few hours.

Speaking of the Patriots-Giants game, one last Jets-related link...

And I have no words for this. No words I'd want my mother to read, anyway...


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