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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Well, one of the tasks on the 2008 to-do list has gotten off to a good start. Unfortunately, it's #4, and a stomach virus is to blame.

But hey, in these goal-oriented times, four lost pounds is four lost pounds.

Before I finish the Dublin adventures (I haven't forgotten, just thrown off track), a few pictures from the holidays...

Getting these three to sit still is no easy task:

The youngest in the family is already the most musically talented:

What good is a Halloween costume and rain boots if they can't be worn while opening Christmas presents?

Why, yes. Not only did I get a submarine, a gun and a bow and arrow, but I also got something I didn't even think to ask for - a grenade...

On New Year's Day, we didn't let an overcast afternoon keep us away from the beach...

We started at the arcade, where CN#1 has already proven himself a skilled skeeballer...

And then it was time for a walk on the beach. Here are two shots of the crazy nephews, posing as unusually high waves crashed onto the shore.

Note how I have their full attention in the first shot, but as the second was taken CN#2 sensed something was amiss and turned around.

The third of these photos would have been a real doozy, but the photographer needed to drop her camera and jump into the water to grab a four year old.


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