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Monday, March 17, 2008

HBO has been playing "Pretty In Pink" during the past few weeks, which:

a) makes me feel very, very old because the flick came out in 1986 (seriously, how is that possible??);
b) makes me nostalgic for the days when Molly Ringwald was the sole barometer for determining hipness in a teenage girl's life
c) makes me angry, because Blane was a bit of a dick who didn't deserve to win her back, and Andie should have ridden off into the sunset with Duckie (which, according to IMDB, is how the original script was written).

But as I was looking for a video clip of the final scene of the prom, I instead came across this...

Oh, you crazy kids and your technological cleverness.

Speaking of Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy, if you asked my brother to name the worst movie he's ever seen, it would take him 0.07 seconds to come up with "Fresh Horses." I don't know how a movie with a plot like this could have gone wrong:

A Cincinnati college student breaks off his engagement to his wealthy fiancée after he falls in love with a backwoods Kentucky girl he meets at a party. She claims to be 20 years old, but he learns that she's actually just 16 and already married.

That's the kind of thing that happened when I had the driver's license and he was dependent upon me for his entertainment. He wound up at movies like that.

Twenty years later, I again apologize. That wasn't my finest moment in terms of judgment.


  • At 3/18/2008 12:32 AM, Blogger zip1010 said…

    This is all vaguely reminiscent of going with you to see "Prêt-à-Porter". Not similar in plot, but extraordinary in its awfulness.

  • At 3/18/2008 7:42 AM, Blogger jersey girl said…

    Funny you should mention that - I was going to name "Pret a Porter" as easily the worst movie I've ever seen. I didn't remember you were with me. I do know it was viewed at the Montgomery theater.

    Apparently, I owe you an apology as well.

  • At 3/18/2008 9:02 AM, Blogger freakgirl said…

    That trailer is awesome.


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