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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Catching up on a variety of things...

During my Oregon travels, I spent a few days with Tege and her family. At one point, Tege ran some errands while her husband and I stayed home to watch the Masters and their nine-month-old baby girl.

Their daughter loves her little jumpy swing so while we watched golf, she amused herself by jumping and laughing, which she did for quite a while. But suddenly, she went completely quiet.

And this was why...

Dead asleep to the world. Brandon and I considered moving her but a) we were afraid we'd wake her; and b) she looked so damn cute. So we left her there.

I'm not sure leaving a toddler dangling in a swing while sleeping is listed under good moves in the child-rearing guides, but she didn't seem to mind.


Last Christmas, a friend surprised me with an iPod shuffle. I already have one that I use at the gym and while running, so I wanted to do something different with the new one. I considered putting my entire Springsteen catalog on it but there wasn't enough room. So I decided to create a mix of "Jersey Girl's All-time Favorite Tunes." I thought that collection would be good for long bike rides, among other things.

Which is how I happened to go from Springsteen's "You're Missing" to "Ice Ice Baby" during a ride yesterday.

Somewhat jarring, even for me...


Speaking of music ... while cleaning my car today, I realized the only CDs I have in the vehicle are: Springsteen's The Rising, Madonna's Confessions on a Dance Floor; and South Park's Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics.

I guess I'm ready for a variety of moods...


During our girls' night in the city Friday, we started the evening with huge, expensive, melt-in-your-mouth-tasty plates of meat at a city institution. After a Broadway show that was much more entertaining than I expected, it was on to the Living Room Bar at the W for pricey cocktails and amusing conversation with men who were still in diapers when I was operating a motor vehicle.

Given that medley of high-priced entertainment, how best to end the evening in our fancy duds? Two words...

White Castle.

Which, as a public service announcement for everyone, does accept Visa. That was important, given that we had spent all our money during the previous stops.

It also provided an evening-ending boost, as the girl who prepared our order complimented my outfit. One would think a $39 piece of meat and great seats to a Broadway show would provide the highlights during an evening in the city.

But no, it was your kind words and approving head-to-toe glance. So thank YOU, Shaniqua'ah.


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