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Saturday, April 26, 2008

This week's helpful tip for WBTC readers ... if you're near the end of an challenging, hilly bike ride, do NOT attempt to jump a curb as you return to your abode. If my experience is any example, you will not have enough energy left to do so, thus leading to a head-first-over-the-handlebars catastrophe. If any of my neighbors were looking at the window at that moment, I cannot imagine what went through their minds. It must have been a spectacular scene.

On the bright side, I learned I am still capable of flight. And I do not seem to have suffered any broken bones. Fortunately I was wearing a helmet. I saw stars with the helmet on, so I can't imagine what would have happened had I been sans head protection.

While I escaped unscathed, the front wheel of my bike is completely askew and I will have to have it fixed before I ride 45 miles through the five boroughs of New York City in eight days.

In other sassy-lady vehicular news, the crazy niece has her own wheels. And she loves them...


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