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Thursday, May 08, 2008

For every 20 or so trips I take, I can count on at least one being really shitty.

Yesterday was that really shitty day of travel.

Two delayed flights. A long mad dash across the Most Hateful Place on Earth. A delay of more than 90 minutes once I arrived on the other side of the Most Hateful Place on Earth. A man sitting behind me who believed my seat was there to serve as a railing every time (at least seven) he got up during the flight. A lengthy wait for the rental car shuttle. No rental car waiting upon arrival.

And then there was this...

"Let our Celebrity Chefs wine and dine you with the award-winning service that you deserve."

These are the words Continental uses to describe its in-flight dining experience.

During a 2.5-hour flight from Milwaukee to Houston that included the dinner hour, my "meal" consisted of: a mini Kit Kat, a bag of trail mix, two butter crackers, a small package of parmesan peppercorn spreadable cheese and seven slices of beef salami.

Is that what I deserved? What did I do to them?

Not surprisingly, there was also no entertainment during the flight. But I checked the movie options for May in the in-flight magazine anyway as I have a flight to Scotland later in the month. For all flights from Newark to the UK in May? Oh you know what's coming...

P.S. I Love You.


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