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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Armed with my robust 45 minutes of sleep the prior night and several hours of on-and-off napping while en route from EWR to SEA, I arrived in the Emerald City exhausted. But there were things to be done, friends to catch up with, baseball parks to visit. So I powered myself with a steady stream of diet Coke and went about my day.

Safeco is impressive, perhaps my favorite of the newer stadiums except for Pittsburgh. Very easy to get in and out of, easy to navigate once inside, nice view of downtown. Also, the weather was lovely. The locals referred to it as "cold" and I did indeed wear a jacket and jeans, but considering I had left choking heat and humidity, I found it to be quite pleasant.

En route to our seats, we passed the outfield bullpens, where I had the opportunity to check out that night's starter, Jarrod Washburn, who looked excellent in his baseball pants. I don't want to say my ogling him was the highlight of his evening, but given that he proceeded to get shelled, giving up six runs in less than five innings, it just might have been.

The cat in front of me kept the score for the game, which I thought was hard-core. Then he went to the bathroom and made his wife keep the score, which was even better.

And then there was this ... if you can't see this, I'd recommend you make it larger.

Yes. His shirt reads "Home of the Dingleberry." I would have thought some words have a universal meaning, but apparently not, given that they were advertising a food product, far from the definition I know. It would seem it's also the name of chocolate strawberry kebob.

But not all the food-related news from Safeco was disturbing. Might I introduce you to my new best friend, the Garlic Fries?

What's that? You can't get the idea? Here, allow me to zoom in. Lean closer to your computer screen and get a better look at those nice big pieces of garlic all over the place...

These things were H-E-A-V-E-N. It's all I ate that night. I had to restrain myself from not going back for seconds.

Sadly, this young lady outlasted me at the game, which we left in the eighth inning. But all in all, a lovely evening in Seattle.

Followed by a five-hour drive south the following morning. Lengthy, but worth it. Fortunately, I was alone, as I was burping garlic for the entirety of the drive.

Again, totally worth it.


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