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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why does this man look so down?

A) The Jets' offensive coordinator doesn't seem to realize he has a game changer lined up behind center now and thus ran the offense more or less the same as he did during the Pennington days, which is to say without creativity or cajones?
B) He looked up at the scoreboard and realized his replacement led the Packers to 48 points, while his squad had a mere three at the half?
C) He's just realizing how difficult it apparently is for a Jets kicker to make a fucking chip shot field goal?
D) He didn't realize how hot it could be in mid-September in New Jersey, with temperatures soaring into the humidity-laden 90s?
E) He'd heard Jersey Girl had just realized the prescription she's taking has a warning label that reads: "Avoid direct exposure to sunlight while taking medication" yet spent the entire day in the bright, hot sun?
F) He'd learned about the abysmal parking situation at the Meadowlands which caused a large portion of the Gang Green fan base to travel in buses with signs like this?

All this said, we enjoyed a tremendous tailgate. We were dealing with a few potentially troublesome variables, including some off-season personnel changes and the heat. I don't want you to think I'm overexaggerating here, but it was ridiculously hot - crotch-pot-cooking hot, yet everyone came ready to play. We ran out of beer (128 at final count) and almost polished off the food, which was a miracle considering it was almost too hot to eat. I drank four waters before the game and never visited the restroom. H. O. T. The photo of three melting and sweating, yet festive souls, tells the story.

This man, in particular, deserves kudos for preparing a melange of meats on miniature grills for more than four hours in the heat. Making this all the more impressive is that he wasn't even able to attend the game, given he had a wedding reception to attend later in the day.

Much less worthy of applause? The kid who sat in front of me for the entire game wearing a ski cap.

92 degrees.

Ski cap.

I just do not understand this younger generation...


  • At 9/15/2008 7:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Please photo shop out the fake Kielbasi. I will bring the real heart clogging stuf next game.



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