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Saturday, October 25, 2008

So tonight is the big game. As soon as the aftermath of last night's six-hour happy hour wears off, I'll be getting fired up and donning my scarlet and gray.

College Gameday is in Columbus this week and while it's always nice to have the crew in town for a big game, I'm a little worried. The game doesn't start until 8 p.m. It's currently 9:11 a.m., and the good people of Columbus are already out in full force. That means they're looking at 11 hours of carousing (plus whatever they've already managed this morning) before the game starts. The chances they'll maintain a high energy level for the duration of the game aren't good.

I'll be watching the game at my brother's house. The other day, my friend Scotty asked for my thoughts on the game. I offered the following:

-I think that my blood pressure has the potential to skyrocket.
-I think at some point I'll probably throw something at the television.
-I think my beer intake will be high.

I'm considering live blogging the game. We'll see.


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