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Thursday, October 02, 2008

When I called one of my college roommates this morning to discuss a possible girls' weekend, I expected her to throw out the usual locales - Vegas, Dublin, New Orleans.

So imagine my surprise when she offered ... Mississippi and Alabama. It seems she and I are both missing a few of the same states in our respective quests for all 50.

Oh yes, people. We're going to the promised land...

I have already started my research. Law enforcement in Mississippi might want to consider battening down the hatches for a few days in mid-November...


  • At 10/04/2008 2:16 PM, Blogger ClarkKent said…

    I was on assignment for a few weeks in Mississippi after Katrina hit. One night, while driving home from the devastated innards of New Orleans, we passed through Kiln.

    I peed on the side of the road.

    Sorry, Brett.

  • At 10/07/2008 4:15 PM, Blogger jersey girl said…

    CK, given the circumstances at the time, you are forgiven.


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